About RobProductions

RobProductions is a development studio individually run by Matt Enad, the writer, composer, artist, and programmer behind each project. RobProductions aims to create character-driven experiences showcasing unique stories and worlds across a multitude of genres.

In 2016, the puzzle-platformer game Skyway was released. This project introduced players to some key thematic concepts and characters which would be explored in the future.

In 2018, RobProductions released Burden of Proof and in doing so carved the way for a new hybrid genre which is still used today in the Shinogi Chess series.

In 2020, the hack-and-slash title Iron Reckoning was released. This marked the first game which was fully scored by Matt Enad, and the first game which featured full voice acting.

In 2022, Shinogi Chess Club became the successor to Burden of Proof by evolving the visual novel/puzzle genre within a brand new visual style.

In 2023, the story of Himiko continued in Shinogi Chess Club 2: Resistance, which raised the bar in terms of accessibility and graphic quality.

Now, RobProductions continues to focus on creating exciting new stories for all types of players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you called RobProductions?

"Back when I just started learning to make games with my friends, we came up with a bizarre cartoon character called Rob that we would often doodle in our notebooks. I found it funny as a username, and since then the name stuck."

What did you make before Skyway?

"Before releasing Skyway, RobProductions' first paid product, I would often participate in the Ludum Dare game jam. I've long since evolved my artistic and technical style past those projects, but they were crucial in establishing the subjects and story-driven experiences I would focus on in the future."

What is your development philosophy?

"As I'm always thoroughly impressed with the industry, my goal for the longest time has been to release high quality, story-driven games on an indie budget, and I don't shy away from handling nearly every aspect of development myself. While it is an ambitious endeavor, I hope to improve each release on all fronts and explore the latest technologies while doing so."

Why do you develop games?

"Much the same way that games I've played have changed my life, I want to create impactful experiences that entertain with unique stories & characters. I believe that this medium holds infinite potential for expressing ideas. There's always more to learn, but as I refine my workflow, I aim to produce complete games across a multitude of genres for everyone to enjoy."