Privacy Policy

Last updated: February 2024

1. About this Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you of how RobProductions (“we,” “us,” “our”) processes, collects, stores, and shares your Personal Data. If you do not agree to the conditions in which your Personal Data is handled as described in this notice, please do not use the products, games, and services covered by this policy.

2. Policy Scope

The contents of this Privacy Policy apply to all of RobProductions’ products, games, software, code packages, and services unless otherwise stated or listed in a separate policy.

Hereafter the above products and services will collectively be referred to as “games.”

3. Use of Account Information

Through certain external services and account management systems such as Valve’s Steamworks SDK or Epic Games’ Epic Online Services SDK, the games may receive basic information about your account through their respective platform integrations such as: your account username, your chosen display name, your achievement progress, your language preference, your online presence, and identification numbers or tokens associated with your account.

We do not collect or store any of this information. Use of your Personal Data provided by these integrated systems within the game is strictly limited to ownership verification and interaction with certain features provided by the hosting platforms like unlocking achievements or displaying your account status within the software itself.

The game software does not explicitly report your account data to us and will only establish an online connection to its respective platform via the systems described above.

Basic information about your account may be logged and stored locally to your device for debugging purposes. If you require assistance with a game and choose to include a log file when reporting an issue online via a public forum or other medium, we may acquire this information. Data received through this process will only be used in conjunction with providing assistance for specific issues, will never be stored in a database, and will never be shared to a third party.

4. Use of Game Statistics

The games may internally monitor and track certain game-related data such as: play time, number of times interacting with a game mechanic, or feats accomplished during your play session. This statistical data contains no information which could personally identify you. However, it may contain information about the device the game software is running on such as: the operating system and hardware specifications of your device.

We do not collect or store any of this information. Statistics about your play session are only gathered internally by the game software for the purpose of displaying them back to you as a means to view your progress while playing. This information may be stored locally on your device and read back by the game software itself.

5. Use of Platform Metrics

While your Personal Data is not reported to us directly via the game software, the storefront platform associated with the game may anonymously collect data when you interact with or purchase RobProductions software. This anonymous metric data may include but is not limited to: page view statistics, play time statistics, and general information about devices that interact with the games or associated storefront pages.

Please refer to the respective storefronts if you have questions or concerns regarding their processing of your Personal Data.

6. Contact

If you have questions about this policy or the handling of your data by our game software, you can contact us:

  •  By email:

We take your privacy seriously and will make every effort to address your concerns promptly and effectively.

7. Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may be updated to better inform you of how we handle your data or to comply with any relevant privacy requirements. New revisions of this policy will be marked with an updated date, and the changes will be effective immediately upon publication of the policy. You are encouraged to check this policy frequently to review the latest terms which apply to our handling of your Personal Data.